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Embark on a culinary journey at "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR, showcasing Japan's diverse food and beverages. From Confectionery & Snacks to Agri-Food & Meat, Seafood, and Japanese Tea & Beverage, each category unveils the richness of Japanese culinary traditions. Explore traditional Japanese foods, health-conscious options, premium alcoholic beverages, and convenience in Processed Foods. Dive into Hokkaido's unique offerings, discover Halal-certified foods, elegant tableware, and innovative alternatives. Our second volume expands the culinary diversity, emphasizing an extended array of Halal-certified Japanese foods. Join us for a holistic experience in the world of Japanese gastronomy.

Confectionery & Snack

Frozen Food

Agri-Food & Meat


Japanese Tea & Beverage

Processed Foods

Halal Foods

Japanese Alcoholic Beverages

Health & Beauty Food

Seasoning / Spice

Organic Food

Hokkaido Food

Tableware & Kitchen Tool

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