Taste Japan

Taste Japan

In recent years, Japanese food has become increasingly popular. In 2013, UNESCO registered "Washoku" (traditional Japanese cuisine) as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Its reputation for being healthy has also contributed to the increasing interest in Japanese food, especially among health-conscious individuals.

Ready-to-eat Meal

Japanese Ready-to-eat Meals, designed to meet the demands of rapidly changing societal dynamics and busy modern lifestyles, have evolved to become a beloved category of culinary delights.
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Varieties of Snacks

Japanese snacks are renowned for their diverse array of flavors, ranging from savory to sweet, and their emphasis on quality ingredients ensures a delicious and authentic taste experience.
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Making Sushi

Japanese sushi is globally renowned as one of the most famous dishes, captivating many people with its deliciousness and intricate preparation methods. Based on essential ingredients indispensable for making sushi, we introduce the products showcased in our show.

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese breakfast is known for its well-balanced nutrition, healthy qualities, and overall balanced meal concept, garnering attention even overseas. In this feature, we introduce products related to representative dishes of Japanese breakfast.

Traditional Japan

Japan has a rich tradition of cherished items that have been beloved for centuries, such as matcha and traditional Japanese sweets, as well as green tea and senbei (rice crackers). In this feature, we will introduce some of these traditions and showcase related exhibition products for you to explore.

Izakaya Culture

Japanese izakayas are traditional pubs or taverns that offer a casual dining experience with a wide variety of small dishes and drinks. You can see what kind of food and drinks in Japanese Izakaya in this page.

Japanese Sake

Japanese sake, often referred to as "nihonshu" in Japan, is a traditional alcoholic beverage that holds a special place in Japanese culture and cuisine. Explore the world of Japanese sake, its history, production process, and popular varieties.

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