Ready-to-eat Meal

Ready-to-eat Meal

Ready-to-eat Meal

Japanese Ready-to-eat Meals, designed to meet the demands of rapidly changing societal dynamics and busy modern lifestyles, have evolved to become a beloved category of culinary delights. Praised for their simplicity, deliciousness, and quick preparation, these time-saving foods have gained popularity among a wide spectrum of Japanese individuals. These time-saving foods not only represent Japan's culinary culture but have also garnered increasing popularity abroad. 

Below is a more detailed introduction to representative ready-to-eat meals and their distinctive features:

Retort Pouch Foods

Retort pouch foods, vacuum-sealed for preservation, allow consumers to enjoy the authentic taste of various dishes with a simple reheating process. Recently, Japanese retort foods have gained attention overseas due to their convenience and high quality. Rich curries, hearty stews, and crispy katsudon are among the diverse menu options available, making them popular choices for consumers both in Japan and abroad.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods, renowned for their extended shelf life without compromising flavor, offer a broad selection ranging from traditional sushi and crispy fried chicken to sophisticated international fusion cuisine.

Canned Foods

Canned foods, boasting extended shelf life, prove to be reliable during emergencies. In Japan, there has been an increase in canned products, and there are even izakayas and bars specializing in canned foods. A wide array of options includes fresh tuna, seafood, and various meats.


Representing Japan's noodle culture, instant noodles are easy to prepare with hot water, making them ideal for hectic schedules. Ramen, udon, soba, and other varieties showcase the diversity of Japan's noodle offerings.

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