Agri-food / Seafood / Meat

Explore the rich diversity of Japan's seafood, agri-food, and meat sectors at the Expo. Discover the finest selection of fresh catches, premium agricultural products, and high-quality meats. Japan's seafood industry, known for its sustainable practices, offers a wide array of flavors. The agri-food sector showcases the country's fertile landscapes with top-notch produce. Additionally, Japan's meat industry, renowned for its Wagyu beef, presents a unique gastronomic experience. Dive into the market insights, witnessing the balance of tradition and innovation that defines these sectors in Japan. Visit the Expo to savor the essence of Japan's bountiful land and sea.


・Processed agri-food
・Rice Flour
・Other agri-foods

・Fish paste product
・Dried/Smoked seafood
・Processed seafood
・Other seafoods

・Processed meat
・Other meats

2024 Exhibits (excerpt)

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