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Show Management offers a number of services on-site in order to support journalists and press professionals to cover the show. 

Press service

1. Press Badge

Once both online and on-site press registration has been completed, you will receive a press badge that will allow you to enter all the exhibitions, conference sessions, and events held within "JAPAN'S FOOD"EXPORT FAIR for the full duration of the show.
(For the registration process, see "How to register as a press visitor" below)

2.Press Room

A press room will be available in Makuhari Messe to aid press activities for registered press visitors. 

[Free Press Room Services]

Work tables, PCs, printer/copy machine, telephone/fax, soft drinks. 

[Opening hours]                     [Location]

Day 1: 9:30-18:30                                 To be announced.
Day 2: 9:30-18:30
Day 3: 9:30-17:30

3. Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available at the press room and overseas lounge.
Please consult the press room staff for the ID and password.

How to register as a press visitor:

Step 1: Online press registration

Please register your details online at
You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Show Management once the registration has been completed successfully. Please print out a copy and bring it to the press room on-site for on-site press registration.
Please note: A registration is required per journalist/press professional.

Step 2: Go to the press room for on-site press registration

Show Management will send you an e-mail indicating the location of the press room around a month prior to the opening date of the show. 
Please submit a copy of your confirmation e-mail and 2 business cards at the press registration counter. Show Management will exchange the copy of the confirmation e-mail and business cards for a press badge.

Press Enquiries

To contact PR representatives