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Show Management offers a number of services on-site in order to support journalists and press professionals to cover the show. 

Press service

1. Press Badge

Once your press registration has been completed, you will receive a press badge that will allow you to enter "JAPAN'S FOOD"EXPORT FAIR for the full duration of the show.
(For the registration process, see "How to register as a press visitor" below.)

2. Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available at the press room and overseas lounge.
Please consult the press room staff for the ID and password.

How to register as a press visitor:

Precautions on Media Coverage

  • All media coverage must be conducted not to interrupt exhibitors' and visitors' business meetings.
  • Interviewing and photographing of exhibitors and exhibiting products will be permitted only with the exhibitor's permission.
  • Coverage will be limited to exhibitors and exhibiting products. Please refrain from any interviews or reports other than those introducing exhibitors and exhibiting products.
  • Only those who intend to publish articles may participate. No other persons will be allowed to cover the event.
  • If you plan to broadcast or publish an article, please be sure to inform Show Management.
  • Please note that we may later ask you to correct or delete any inaccuracies in the posted information.

On-site Notes

Please come to Show Management Office with your press badge before entering the exhibition hall.

You will receive a press armband which is required for filming. If you do not have a press armband, you will not be allowed to photograph. In exchange for the armband, we will ask you to provide us with a business card.

Precautions on Conference Coverage

  • Some conferences may not be allowed media coverage. Please contact Show Management if you would like to confirm in advance.
  • Only those who intend to publish articles may participate the conference. No other persons will be allowed to cover the conference.
  • Please present your press badge at the reception counter when entering the conference. (You may not be allowed to attend the conference if you do not have a press badge and have not registered for the event)
  • Photography of projected slides and recording or video recording of the conference are prohibited. Only those wearing press armbands are allowed to take pictures of the conference in the venue.
  • Due to full capacity, you may be asked to stand for the conference. In some cases, you may not be able to attend the conference.
  • If you conduct any activities that are regarded as inappropriate by Show Management, such as filming or photographing on the day of the event without prior notice to the speakers or Show Management, or inappropriately contacting the speakers, we may refuse to allow you to attend or interview the conference.
  • If you wish to publish an article, please be sure to confirm with Show Management before submitting your article. Please contact our PR team.
  • No text materials of the conference will be provided. Please attend the conference at the venue.
  • You may attend the seminars as press, but direct interviews with the speakers may not be acceptable. Please contact Show Management in advance if you wish to interview the speakers.

After confirming the above, please register below.

Press Enquiries

Please contact Show Management if you are interested in:

  • Visiting the show for coverage
  • Publishing the show review/preview

  • Receiving the latest press releases

  • Distributing your magazines at the show

  • Becoming a Media Partner

For inquiries, please contact:

Organiser: RX Japan Ltd.
11F Yaesu Central Tower, Tokyo Midtown Yaesu., 2-2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-6739-4133
E-mail: [email protected]