RX Japan’s 4th JFEX and 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR to showcase F&B industry excellence

RX Japan’s 4th JFEX and 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR to showcase F&B industry excellence

Jun 14, 2024

Tokyo, Japan — Tokyo Big Sight will host the summer editions of Japan Int’l Food and Beverage Expo (JFEX) and the "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR from June 19 to 21, reaffirming RX Japan’s pivotal role in promoting the food and beverage (F&B) industry globally. 

The importance of the 4th JFEX and the 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR in the global F&B landscape is highlighted by the steady increase in both exhibitor and visitor numbers. From 728 companies and more than 23,000 visitors in 2023, show participation is forecasted to increase to 900 exhibitors and 27,000 attendees, from 70 countries and regions for this year’s edition.

Anticipating a spike in attendance, participants have a unique opportunity to make the most of their time by visiting the 4th JFEX and the 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR. By attending both shows, visitors will get the chance to indulge themselves in an array of Japanese and international F&B companies, as well as their newest and most innovative products.

"Our exhibitions' success and scope demonstrate RX Japan's dedication to the food and beverage industry,” said Hiroaki Saito, Show Director of RX Japan JFEX and "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR. “Our flagship events serve primarily as a platform to showcase the immense potential in the food and beverage industry, encouraging development and collaboration between Japanese and international industry key players."

4th JFEX and 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR Highlights

4th JFEX and 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR Highlights

4th JFEX will feature several noteworthy, specialised shows, including the new non-alcoholic zone within JFEX WINE & SPIRITS. By highlighting the growing demand for non-alcoholic beverages, this addition gives exhibitors and attendees more information about this developing market niche.

Aside from JFEX WINE & SPIRITS, all attendees will have a varied and engaging experience due to the other sub-shows, which are JFEX FOOD, JFEX MEAT & DAIRY, and JFEX PREMIUM, that cover a wide range of the rich F&B industry.

The esteemed JFEX Awards, which recognise innovation and success in the F&B sector, will honour excellence in four categories: NEW TO JAPAN, INNOVATION, WELLNESS, WINE & SPIRITS, and the new SECRET AWARD. These not only recognise exceptional achievements but also establish industry standards for excellence and innovation.

Meanwhile, the 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR will highlight its exclusive Appointment Booking System and Premium Buyer Program. These show features aim to facilitate meaningful collaborations between exhibitors and high-potential buyers. In return, this will streamline the business development process and maximise the potential for successful international trade partnerships in the F&B sector.

Aside from that, the 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR will also offer confectionery and snack, frozen food, agri-food and meat, seafood, Japanese tea and beverage, processed foods, Halal food, Japanese alcoholic beverages, health and beauty food, seasonings and spices, as well as organic food to the thousands of visitors attending. Logistics and transportation companies will also be present at the show, giving attendees a more diverse opportunity.

To guarantee a spot at 4th JFEX and 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR, attendees are urged to register in advance. For more information and to register for 4th JFEX, go to https://bit.ly/43zmNrJ and at https://bit.ly/3xRmI7b for the 8th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR.

More opportunities for F&B companies to present their products and services to a worldwide audience will soon be available as exhibitor registration for the winter editions of both the JFEX and the "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR opens in the coming months.

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